Month: November 2014

Archives promoted to top level menu item

To reflect importance of the archives.

Not sure yet where to put photos.

SWEHS website issues 13/11/2014

Submenu items not clickable on Android tablet

How large are the Histelec PDFs generated from Word? Could I make them smaller to improve loading times, e.g. by using Primo?

Histelec News and Articles

The main menu now has a new top-level item “News and Events” with a dummy page explaining what the sub-pages  contain. Such dummy pages could be made more elaborate.

A new page “Histelec” has been included in this part of the menu, and I have started experimenting with different ways of presenting Histelec News and Articles. Initially I have used PDF files, variously in the Media Library (which could get messy) and in a separate folder (less intuitive to set up).

As noted on the Histelec page, the articles on the old website are produced by PHP and often consist of a number of pages – for example, the “Bristol Blitz” article is 8 pages. This will be taken as a test case for copying to “real pages” on the prototype site. Watch this space!

Menu changes

The menu has been moved from left hand side to top bar. This positioning removes the potentially confusing “breadcrumbs” of recently visited pages from the top bar.

This moves the miscellaneous items like “recent posts” up to the top of the sidebar,  where they are more visible – need to consider what we actually want to see in that position.

The menu items have also been grouped and put in a heirarchy as a drop-down menu. The idea of this is to de-clutter the top level menu and to make the website easier to explore. Discovered that you can’t have a “dummy” top-level entry – they have to be real Pages. Maybe that’s the role of Categories? Or can only Posts be categorised, not Pages? Need to read up on that.

The menu grouping used is just for experimental purposes, and different groups might be appropriate, particularly if we can get the dummy top-level entries to work.  Possible groupings might be:

  • About us
  • Activities – including Histelec magazine?
  • Museum
    – Archives
    – Collections
  • Photos
  • Research and supplements

On an Android phone the menu is accessed via the “three bar” symbol, regardless of where the menu is displayed on a PC.  Need to address the general look of the site on various portable devices.

Front page changed to blog format

The first page you see on entering the website is now a blog, a diary in reverse chronological order, i.e. latest entry first.


This demonstrates how the latest news could be presented to the reader straight away – it could for example be the report of a visit, or an advertisement for a forthcoming event.

Noted that on an Android mobile phone, you see the blog post titles but you have to click into individual posts.

Probably needs a fixed header saying what the Society is about – this could be in the main header section, along with the SWEHS logo.

Right sidebar removed and text area widened

Histelec Article S42 Bristol Tramways Power Stations 1895 -1941 Part II

This allows the main text area to expand. It still appears to work OK on mobile devices.

Note: This was done by creating a child theme that overrode the defaults and de-registered the right sidebar. However the main menu disappeared and had to be re-registered for the child theme. The same applied to the header and the “logo” header image.

First few pages added

The following facilities are currently available on this prototype:

  • Who Are We? – linked to a brief history of the Society
  • Join Us
  • Events Diary (the events programme for 2015)


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