All 11 CEGB folders – around 800 photos – have now been imported

Previously imported
SWEHS 5.1 CEB & CEGB Oakfield Road Bristol

Imported 28/10/2016
SWEHS 80.0 CEGB Pembroke Icing
SWEHS 81.0 CEGB Power Stations
SWEHS 82.0 CEGB Final Days of Portishead Power Station

For some reason no data was imported for 82.0 – should be in Table 4.
Uploaded Table 4 again using Filezilla, ran Import again, data uploaded.
Concluded that uploaded version of CSV may have been corrupt.

This is useful for any future instance of “no data” if the data is actually in the CSV.

Imported 31/10/2016
SWEHS 87.0 CEGB Durley Park
SWEHS 88.0 CEGB Overhead Lines and Projects
SWEHS 89.0 CEGB Miscellaneous
SWEHS 90.0 CEGB Severn Cable Tunnel
SWEHS 91.0 CEGB Steel Tower Lines Post Nationalisation
SWEHS 83.0 CEGB and SWEB Bulk Supply Points
SWEHS 85.0 CEGB Two Tier Project 1985