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The Electricity Supplies In The South West

Sub-Records – Contents Of Historical Data Files

updated : 8-8-07
Location : Cabinet A1

Barnstaple Corporation Undertaking (One File)

Opening of Municipal Electricity Works – North Devon Journal 29 th Jan 1903
Barnstaple Electricity Works – Electrical Review 6 th March 1903
Opening of Power Station Extensions 3rd November 1937 Booklet
Minutes of Electricity Committee – Barnstaple Borough Council Jan 1946-1948

Bath Corporation Undertaking (One File)

Electricity in Bath 1890-1974, book by William E.Eyles
Bath Electric Lighting Orders 1896-1910
Map showing Bath & surrounding undertakings
Bath Power Station & Historical Notes 1882 – 1951

Bridgwater & District Electric Supply & Traction Co.Ltd (One File)

Borough of Bridgwater – General Conditions, Specifications
Forms of Tender and Form of Contract
Book April 1900 2 a)
Electricity in Bridgwater 1896-1948 Book by Colin Hill
A Bridgwater Diary 1897
A Quotation from Evered & Co 6th June 1900
Letter from Stirling Boiler Co. 6th June 1900
Bridgwater mercury Article on Laying of Corner stone 12th April 1904
Bridgwater Power Station Notes
Gas Engines and Water Wheels in Somerset by David Glecihill
Certificates of Incorporation
Statutory Change Order 1922
Bridgwater Special Order 1928
Surveys of Potential Customers 1925/26
Supply Agreement – Somerset Trading Co
Supply Agreement – C & J Clarke
Supply Agreement – Ashford Pumping Station, Spaxton
Sundry Certificates
Map 6 inch of Bridgwater with HV & EHV Mains late 1940’s
Callender Cables Brochure

Bridport Corporation Undertaking (One File)

Specification & Tender for 33kV line 1936 Winterbourne Abbas to Bridport
Specification for 6.6kV O/H & U/G circuits 1941

Bristol Corporation Electricity Department (18 Files)

Bristol Electrical Committee Minute Extracts
BCED Extracts
Extracts from the Electrician
Extracts from the Electrical Review
Other newspaper reprints
Other articles
Mr. Harold Faraday Proctor
Early Staff Details
Proctor-Blaikie Patent
History of Electricity Supply in Bristol – papers
Brief History of BCED
Electricity in Bristol 1863-1948
Bristol’s Electricity Past
An analysis of domestic Load 1947
BCED Miscellaneous Papers
BCED Booklets
Avonbank Electricity Works 1902 booklet
General Description of Undertaking 1911 booklet
BCED Various Histories
Brief History of BCED 1883-1948
The Royal Show – Electricity 1936
“A Glance at Electricity in Bristol” by A.J.Symons
Evidence given before a BOT Committee by H.Faraday Proctor
BIAS Journal 26 “100 years of Electricity in Bristol” also “Stage Arc Lighting”
BCED Salaries
Salaries A-L 1909-1940
Salaries M – Z, Salaries Misc 1909 – 1940
Salaries Miscellaneous 1919 – 1948
Bristol Arc Lamp Drawings + Drawing of 2000v 1ph U/G Substations
Bristol Network
Switchgear Files Feb 1928 – Jan 1934
Transformer Files Sept 1929 – Sept 1932
Transformer 1918-1952
Index of LV and HV cables
Bristol Substations in commission at 1 st March 1949(SWEB)
Avonmouth distribution Centre – photos
Sanction for 33kV Cables – Portishead to Avonmouth
Areas of Supply – Bristol & Surrounds Map
BCED Cable Records
Extension of Mains Estimates
Woodland Way Distribution Centre, Fishponds – Agreement~ general conditions, form of tender, bond specification and estimate.
Tariff Booklet – Information for use of Manager (HF Proctor)
Minute Book Records of Employment 1895 – 1924
Press Cuttings date 1904- 1911
Press Cuttings 1922-1924
Press Cuttings 1924-1928
Electricity House Contracts, include, supplementary Wartime Suspension
Portishead Power Station Booklet 1929 (on its opening)

Christy Brothers Ltd

“History of the Christy Group 1858 – 1985”

Cornwall Electric Power Company (One File + Map)

Cornwall Goes Electric 1850 -?
Forty Years of Cornwall Power
Cornwall Electric Power Company & associated Co’s 1886 -1948
Extracts from Minute Books 1906-1948
Introduction “How it all began”
A short history
Slides (0/H projector) for talk
Camborne to Redruth Tramway
Souvenir Magazine Christmas 1947
Map Diagram of Mains c. 1928

Dartmouth & Kingswear Electricity Supply (One Folder) (Owned by the Urban Electric Supply Co.Ltd)

Press Cuttings 1931 – 1951

Devon Hydro-Electric Generation – (One Box File)

“Electric Lighting of Lynmouth & Lynton” by J,H.Fooks-Bale (Elect.Eng. April 7th 1899)
“Hydro-electricity for Public Supply in Britain 1881-1894” by D.G,Tucker – Industrial Archaeological Review date?
Dart Water Power Scheme – reports and correspondence (Never Completed)
“Early Days of Hydro-electricity for Public Supply in Devon” by D.G,Tucker
“A Pioneer Pumped Storage Scheme (Lynmouth) – Water Power Feb.1955
“Pioneers who gave Devon the Lead in Hydro-electric Plants”
W. Morning News 18-2-67
Notes on West Devon history by A.A.Gates (Christy Bros) including Okeharnpton, Chagford, Tavistock, Mary Tavy and Morwellham.
“Water Power in West Devon” – Electrical Review 27-5-38
“Water Power in West Devon” – Mining Magazine March 1948
“Hydro-electricity on Darmoor” – SWEB News March 1982
“Dartmoor Leat to Nowhere” – Western Morning news 7-8-82
“Dartmoor’s Hydro-power Generation” by John L.Hobbs
“Lynmouth Flood 40 years On” – William H.Harris
“History of Hydro-electric Power station (Lynmouth)” by W.B.Harris
“Hydro-electricity in Devon” letter from P.G.Lamb to W.B.Harris
“Hydro-electricity in Devon, Past, Present & Future” (Devon Association) by W.B.Harris
Manuscript of above pamphlets
Mary Tavy, Morwellham and Chagford Hydro Power Stations – CEGB March 1983
Mary Tavy Power Station – CEGB
Mary Tavy, Morwellham, and Chagford Hydro-Electric Power Stations – National Power
Water Power Small Scale Hydro – Glen Lyn Gorge – DTI Leaflet
Hydro Power Developments and the National Rivers Authority – NRA Leaflet
Exeter’s Water Supply – South West Water Pamphlet – refers to hydro-generation x) Devon Mines – small hydro-schemes

Devonport Dockyard (One Box File)

Edmundsons (Three Books)

Monthly Journals Vol. 1
Monthly Journals Vol. 2
Overhead Line Manual

Exeter Corporation Undertaking (One Box File)

Exeter Undertakings Notes
Souvenirs of the Official Opening of Offices and Showrooms 1936
Early Days of Electricity in Exeter by P.G. Lamb
A History of Electricity Generation & Supply in Exeter 1882-1905 by Christopher Allen
Exeter Trams a history 2005

Ilfracombe (One File)

Specification of Works
El. Lighting Order 1930
Article SWE Magazine
DC Network Diagram

Lyme Regis Corporation Undertaking (One Box File + book)

Article “Electric Lyme” See also book of same title not in file
Dorset Electric Supply
Town Mill 1918 – 1948
Chronological Statistics
Contract No.1 (October 1923)Extension to Existing Power Station – Buildings
Contract No.2 (1924) Additional Plant & Overhead Mains
Contract No.3 (July 1925) Supply & Erection of two -75kw generating sets, switchgear and cables
Contract No.4(1925) Foundations & Exhaust Pits for 3-75kW oil engines & dynamos
Bill of Quantities 1925 (G,E,Taylor & Co)

Minehead Electric Supply Co. Ltd. (One Box File) (Owned by West of England Electricity)

Minehead Press Cuttings 1925 – 1945
Brief Notes and Historical Details

North Somerset Electric Supply Co. Ltd (One Folder)

File containing Records, Special Orders etc
Notes and records prepared by P.G.Lamb, incl. a history of NSESC & West Devon ESC

Plymouth Corporation Undertaking (Two Box Files + Two Folders)

Plymouth and Devonport Undertakings Miscellaneous Papers
Plymouth EHT Mains Records
Plymouth Electricity Committee Extracts 1914 – 1948
Plymouth ??

Salcombe Gas & Electricity Co. Ltd (One File)

Taunton Corporation Undertaking (One Box File + Folder & Wallet)

Taunton Undertaking – Notes taken from Journals, Callender of Events, Personalities, Statistics and Changeover
Taunton Miscellaneous (Box File)
Electricity in Taunton 1809-1948 by D.GledhilI & P.G.Lamb
Extracts from ‘ 4 The Electrician” and “Electrical Review” plus Patent Agreement L,V.Turner
Plan of Part of Borough proposed to be lit by Electricity
Article from Municipal Review 6th October 1888 on Mr.H.G.Massingham
Drawing of Electricity Works 1923
Copy of Parliamentary Bill re: Supply from CEB 1934
Opening of showrooms 1934(3 copies)
Schedule of MD’s and Units 1895-1948
Design Reconstruction of Arc Street Lamp and Bracket (1901/1905)
Article from Somerset County Gazette 6th Dec. 1985 entitled “100 years of Electricity in Taunton”
Plans of Mains 1908 – 1925 in leather wallet

Teignmouth Electric Lighting Co.Ltd. (One Folder)

Brief History

Torquay Corporation Undertaking (Five Box Files + Five Folders)

Historical Booklets (Box File)
Torquay Offices & Showrooms (Box File)
Electricity Showrooms and Offices
Bills of Quantities for Showrooms and Offices 1934
Historic Documents Folder
Proposed Electric Light Undertaking for Bovey Tracey 1910
Souvenir of the Opening of Newton Abbot Power Station 1924
Opening of Newton Abbot Power Station 1929
Civic Visit to Newton Abbot Power Station 1931
Agreement for sale & Purchase of the Totnes Elect. Undertaking 1934
Opening of New Offices and Showrooms 1935
Map showing distribution areas 1936
Inspection of Newton Abbot Power Station 1939
Schedule of Charges 1947
Torquay Meter Test Station (Box File)
Bills of Quantities for Electricity Testing Department Building 1938
Specification of Works for Meter Test Station
Bills of Quantity for Meter Test Station
Torquay Supplies & Revenues Loans Book 1926-1948
Torquay Electricity Acts and Orders 1891 – 1927
Torquay Contracts, Loans & Improvements (Box File)
Borough of Torquay – Post War Improvement Schemes
List of contracts 1930 – 1948
Contract T? Overhead Transmission Lines
Extension to Transmission System Report 1936
Contract T14 33kv Oil Filled Cables and pilots Newton Abbot to Torquay 1932
Press Cuttings 1928 – 1938
Press Cuttings 1933
Contracts Ledger
Extracts from Journals 1924 – 19?? (Box File)
Statistical Returns 1921 – 1948
Torquay Statistics 1921- 1946

Wellington And District Electricity Co. Ltd. (One Box File)

Mains & Substations Details – Schedule of Particulars
Meter Reading Card

West Devon Electric Supply Co. Ltd. (Christy Bros) (One Folder)

Memorandum of Association
Special resolution 20-7-32, authorisation to acquire Bude El. Supply Co, Ltd.
Special resolution 14-11-32, authorisation to acquire West Devon Mining & Power Co. & Holsworthy El. Supply Co. Ltd.
Schedule of Charges for supply of electricity – 1st January 1945 until further notice.
Description of Undertaking with particular reference to hydro-electric plants.
Paper on the Company by B.E.G.Taylor date?

See also North Somerset Electric Supply Co. Ltd (Christy Bros)
See also Devon Hydro-electric Generation

West Of England Electricity (A holding Co. under Whitehall Securities Ltd.)

Box Files Vol.1 containing
A Short Account (i.e. history of W of EE) by Selwyn Grant OBE 1947
Bideford & District Electric Supply Co.Ltd. Memorandum and Articles of Association
Culm Valley Electric Supply Co. Ltd. Memorandum and Articles of Association plus Earth Res, Test Records
Dawlish Electric Light & Power Co. Ltd. Memorandum and Articles of Association
East Devon Electricity Co Ltd Memorandum and Articles of Association
Exe Valley Electricity Co. Ltd Memorandum and Articles of Association
Minehead Electric Supply Co. Ltd. Memorandum and Articles of Association
Paignton Electric Light and Power Co, Ltd. Memorandum and Articles of Association
Teignmouth Electric Lighting Co. Ltd. Memorandum and Articles of Association
Wellington and District Electricity Co. Ltd. Memorandum arid Articles of Association
Witheridge Electricity Supply
Box File Vol.2 – Containing 2 sets of earthing tests for Culm Valley and Exe Valley & East Devon Fault Finding File

Weston-Super-Mare And District Electric Supply Co. Ltd.

Box File containing various deeds and orders
Press Cuttings 1937-1957

Miscellaneous Tariffs For South West (1946/47)

Electrical Association For Women In The South West

Bristol EAW History by P.G.Lamb
All-electric Houses – Bristol & Taunton
EAW National Journal
Information on the Electrical Development Association
Electrical Development Association (EDA) Lectures