Exporting the WordPress database and importing it into a new folder.

Exporting the WordPress files – takes a VERY long time due to the size of the site!

Haven’t got as far as importing the files into the new folder yet – may try exporting to DropBox first.


Following the instructions on

Downloaded WordPress files using Filezilla FTP.
wp-content is the VERY big file, taking hours, because of the photos.
It takes more than 3 hours to download 3451 photos (and the rest – see below!)

Exported WordPress database

Created new database
Created new database user
Created new password

Edited the wp-config.php file to match database, user and password

Attempted to import the database, got an error:



SQL query:

— Dumping data for table `wp_comments`

INSERT INTO `wp_comments` (`comment_ID`, `comment_post_ID`, `comment_author`, `comment_author_email`, `comment_author_url`, `comment_author_IP`, `comment_date`, `comment_date_gmt`, `comment_content`, `comment_karma`, `comment_approved`, `comment_agent`, `comment_type`, `comment_parent`, `user_id`) VALUES
(1, 1, ‘Mr WordPress’, ”, ‘’, ”, ‘2010-08-17 09:48:13’, ‘2010-08-17 14:48:13’, ‘Hi, this is a comment.<br />To delete a comment, just log in and view the post&#039;s comments. There you will have the option to edit or delete them.’, 0, ‘1’, ”, ”, 0, 0),
(6, 151, ‘drieniincanny’, ‘’, ”, ‘’, ‘2010-11-03 07:52:39’, ‘2010-11-03 07:52:39’, ‘<a href=”″ rel=”nofollow”>levitra levitra</a>\r\n<a href=”″ rel=”nofollow”>60 forum levitra 86</a>\r\n<a href=”″ rel=”nofollow”[…]

MySQL said: Documentation
#1062 – Duplicate entry ‘7’ for key ‘PRIMARY’


Looked at localhost.sql file – found lots of junk comments that don’t show in WordPress. But they were from another WordPress site of mine – in fact it was a dump of the wrong database!


Trying again…

Deleted swehs2 database

Created new database paulhul1_swehs2
Didn’t need to create new database user and password, already created
Added the new user to database paulhul1_swehs2, gave it all privileges

Had already edited the wp-config.php file to match database, user and password

About to import the database using phpmyadmin – but site started being maintained! came back online, tried to import the database into paulhul1_swehs2 using phpmyadmin
Response:  “Import has been successfully finished” – Success!



At the six hour mark, the WordPress files download was still going, though it’s moved on from photos to plugins like JetPack.

I wonder whether the Duplicator plugin could exclude the photos, and deal with them via FTP.

Or speed things up by Duplicator backing up to DropBox? Need to check the total size of the download. Uncompressed it’s going to be in excess of 5GB. But I have a terabyte of paid-for space! However, would my host just time out?

A useful-looking Dup;licator writeup is here:

And it’s stopped – more than six hours for wp-content. Finishing off with wp-includes and wp-snapshots. WiFi is on max 100 kbs. Maybe I need to cable up to the router. Needs at least a 12 metre Ethernet cable.

Maplins 20m Red Cat6 UTP Network Patch Cable £29.99, Code: A30UH

Strangely Filezilla shows that it’s copying some files to G:\swehsprototype\histpics\….jpg – but they don’t show up on the G: drive in File Explorer. The remote names are /tactive/histpics/….jpg and /bpics/….jpg. I wonder where those are in the file structure? Sounds like something copied from Marcus’s site.

The wp-snapshots folder takes ages to download as well – it looks like this might be the Duplicator package repository.
I don’t think I needed to back these packages up
– is there anything else in the folder except packages and installer?

Wifi has now speeded up to between 3 and 15 Mbps – that’s better!



Connected the PC to the router via cable – very much faster!

(Though my PC had a DNS problem with the Wifi after I disconnected it)