There are 11 databases, not counting the artefacts database. Table 1 already done.

Excel copies of all tables 2 to 11 have been created OK.

Next we need to convert them to CSV with the right column headings.


First attempt (unsuccessful):

Opened SWEHS Archive Photographic Register 2.accdb
Clicked Enable Content
In left hand panel, right-clicked on Register Table 2 view, export, Excel.
Selected destination folder, Export with formatting, OK.

Repeated for Table 3, but without Enable Content.
Table 7 database shows a “MySysCompact error”, whatever that is.
Did all of Tables 2 to 11, then found that the “Photograph” filed only contained “1”, not the filename.

Trying Export – Text File instead on Table 2. First option on Encoding.
Opened Excel, opened the Text file, Delimited, MS-DOS, My Data has headers,
Next – Delimiter, Other, | (double bar = shift \)
But that didn’t copy the filename across either.

Second attempt (successful):

Let’s try it the other way round – importing Access database into Excel.
Opened Excel – New – Blank Workbook
File Open SWEHS Archive Photographic Register 2.accdb
Enable data connections
View data as table


Repeated for all the others

Table 8 gave an error – “Data could not be retrieved from the database”
Tried making a new copy of Table 8 database in my working folder
Same error.

Opened Table 8 database and File – Save As “Table 8 copy 2”
But this came up in Access with a “MySysCompact error”
Nevertheless Excel opened and saved it OK.

So Excel copies of all tables 2 to 11 have been created OK.