Summary – the automated backup system no longer works because of the size of the data, particularly the photos.


Tried Duplicator plugin – see video at:
Warning that large files and total size may cause timeouts

Build Interrupt
The current build has experienced an issue.
Please try the process again.
Server Status: 405 -Not Allowed
Error Message:
405 Not Allowed
Build Folder: /home4/paulhul1/public_html/swehs/wp-snapshots/tmp

  • Note: This is visible on FileZilla as just  /swehs/wp-snapshots/tmp/

Some servers close connections quickly; yet the build can continue to run in the background. To validate if a build is still running; open the ‘tmp’ folder above and see if the archive file is growing in size. If it is not then your server has strict timeout constraints. Please visit the support page for additional resources.

Looked in the ‘tmp’ folder – archive file was not growing in size, therefore unsuccessful.

Did “Try again” – same result.
Detailed explanation here:

Next step will be to try a manual backup and migration – see:

May be best to:

  1. Trial manual download
  2. Trial upload to a duplicate folder “/wphs” on Paul’s hosting (Would need to create a new MySQL database)
  3. Buy new hosting and set up new Society name and URL(s) e.g., then upload there