Experiments with photo page layouts 3

Time for a second prototype!

  • Set up new WordPress installation in paulhulbert.org/wpehs
  • Changed password to full length to match other website
  • Built “wpehs” website page by page to match most of “swehs” version
  • Changed internal file references to external ones (Notepad++ search and replace came in handy here!)
  • Note that Execute permissions on external files still need to be checked out – I’ve possibly opened the permissions up too far. But PDFs may need Execute, even if images don’t. More experimentation needed.

The external online folders are paulhulbert.org/…

  • historicnews
  • historicphotos
  • historicsupplements

Anything I’ve loaded into the Media Library is duplicated in a folder on my PC called “historicresources”


Next step will be to try a backup. Note the complication that all my WP sites are in a single database!

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