The menu has been moved from left hand side to top bar. This positioning removes the potentially confusing “breadcrumbs” of recently visited pages from the top bar.

This moves the miscellaneous items like “recent posts” up to the top of the sidebar,  where they are more visible – need to consider what we actually want to see in that position.

The menu items have also been grouped and put in a heirarchy as a drop-down menu. The idea of this is to de-clutter the top level menu and to make the website easier to explore. Discovered that you can’t have a “dummy” top-level entry – they have to be real Pages. Maybe that’s the role of Categories? Or can only Posts be categorised, not Pages? Need to read up on that.

The menu grouping used is just for experimental purposes, and different groups might be appropriate, particularly if we can get the dummy top-level entries to work.  Possible groupings might be:

  • About us
  • Activities – including Histelec magazine?
  • Museum
    – Archives
    – Collections
  • Photos
  • Research and supplements

On an Android phone the menu is accessed via the “three bar” symbol, regardless of where the menu is displayed on a PC.  Need to address the general look of the site on various portable devices.