Three groups of photos added, provided by David Cousins: Torquay Borough Electricity Department, CAO Plymouth, SWEB Helicopters.

Photos were successfully added in small batches and (in the case of the helicopters) as a single zip file.

Data was exported from DC’s Access database to Excel, then into a CSV file, which was successfully imported.

1. There is a single set of 10 custom fields which will have to be applied to all albums.
2. Should there be multiple “categorised” small albums?
3. Both albums now appear on the Artefacts page, not clear why (This has since been sorted)

The shortcodes for the description to be displayed has to be entered against each photo – there isn’t a default description format for each album. Maybe this could be part of the bulk upload from the CSV file?

I only copied the shortcodes for Artefacts, so some data like location and copyright is not displayed. But that’s minor, and could be corrected easily.

It took about 100 minutes to import 120 photos and their data.