1. We’ve proved the bulk upload for Artefacts. This is the most complicated section because of the many artefacts that have multiple images – this doesn’t usually apply to the photo archives, although there ARE a few instances like that.
  2. So uploading the rest of the Artefacts is just repetitve work – quite a lot of it.
  3. Need to discuss whether we have separate albums for each of the 11 lots of photos (If so, what should the albums be called?)
  4. The experiments below show that there are various photos in the archive files that do not have entries in the database.

Got as far as creating an XLS file from Table 1 with appropriate columns: “Archive Photographic Register Table 1.xls”

Noted that a few photos have double suffixes “.jpg.jpg” – don’t know whether this will matter.

Created item column as (Album no)_(Photograph no) – but needs to copy Value, not Formula!

Expanded multi-image lines

Transferred filenames to Column 1

Uploaded SWEHS 1.0 old exhibitions and appliances to Depot (mainly jpg files, one pdf) using Filezilla

Saved Archive Photographic Register 1 as CSV, uploaded to Depot using Filezilla

Opened Photo Albums – Import,waited for images to load. Unchecked the csv file, clicked Import button.
“88 single photos imported”

Imported the images but without the data.

Ticked csv file, clicked Import button.
(Maybe the tick isn’t just “remove when imported”, could be what tell it to import the csv file)

“All available custom data fields are in use. There is no space for Album No”

But I realised that I had put them into the Artefacts album – so I deleted them.

Created a new Album “SWEHS 1.0 Old Exhibitions and Appliances”

Deleted column Album No in xls file, also saved as csv.

Opened Photo Albums – Import,waited for images to load.
Set the Import Album to “SWEHS 1.0 Old Exhibitions and Appliances”
Left the csv file ticked, clicked Import button.
“88 single photos imported”

“All available custom data fields are in use. There is no space for Photograph No”

Deleted Album Title and Category in xls, csv.
Remaining columns are:

Uploaded manded csv with Filezilla.

Clicked Import
“1 CSVs imported, 0 photos processed. 1371 photos skipped.”

In new Album, but still no data. What isn’t matching? Simple – the data file doesn’t contain the photos I uploaded!

Uploaded all the 3.1 photos instead (around 100) – note that most but not all of these are in the data file!
Also some filenames for photos have spaces in them…
Created a new album “Bristol Corporation Electricity Department”

Clicked Import
“Time out. 70 photos imported. Please restart this operation.”
Clicked Import again
“28 single photos imported. 1 CSVs imported, 75 photos processed. 1296 photos skipped.”
Data uploaded OK for the photos whose data was in the file.

In the data file, the 3.1’s go up to 077, and then the 3.2’s start. No data evident for 3.1 photos 079 to 100.

Copied the 3.2 files across (154 files). Re-imported the CSV file.

Three PDFs removed automatically.
CSV file not visible in Import, but clicked Import nevertheless.

“115 single photos imported.” – don’t understand where the other 50 or so went!

Copied CSV file across again several times – realised that it won’t show in Import screen if the original is open on the PC (because it’s then not importable)

Clicked Import
“1 CSVs imported, 170 photos processed. 1201 photos skipped.”

Most photos have data imported, but 3.2 photos 212 to 228 have no data – because the data file has no data for them!!!!!!