Updated 31/10/2016

Recent progress:

  • Recent work has concentrated on the photos.
  • Albums set up and photos successfully uploaded for all sections of South West before nationalisation, plus CEB and CEGB Oakfield Road.
  • There are now 2703 photos in the system, plus 127 “test” photos in Photos Album. 1133 of these are the Artefacts.
  • All of these are searchable (but are made searchable by a rather tedious manual process – no way round it)
  • All Supplements are now complete.
    Only outstanding Histelec News are nos. 1 to 10, 12, 13 – awaiting scanned PDFs.
  • 4 of the 11 CEGB photo folders have been uploaded, the other 7 have been set up as empty albums.
  • (Dummy) menu entry for Generating Stations now includes “renewal energy” in title because we have a good collection of hydro stations and wind turbines.

Strategic issues:

  • There are so many photos and so much data in the website now that I need to turn to Backup and Restore functionality, together with how to migrate the whole site to another host. Also see http://wppa.nl/docs-by-subject/moving-site/ for WPPA-specific issues.
  • 7 more CEGB photo folders to upload (around 750 photos) – should be routine, though time-consuming.
  • Before the remaining photos can be uploaded …..
  • Then there are a further 78 folders of photos to upload – discussing with DC how to structure them. The 78 folders contain around 5850 SWEB photos, plus around 240 Sox Hosegood Collection helicopter photos, and around 130 other photos.

General issues:

  • I’ll check in due course which items I show that haven’t got descriptions, maybe where a photo has been uploaded but with no description as yet. But see discovery made under “Adding CEGB and CEB photo folders”
  • Also need to decide how to deal with PDF documents as the Photo plugin won’t handle these.
  • Improving the slideshow displays to make the Previous and Next buttons obvious, etc (see John F email 28/10/2016) – most recently I’ve ticked Photo Album Tables II B (slide shows) settings 13.1 and 13.2
  • Possibly remove the word nationalisation from 5.2, 7.0, 9.0, 15.0 & 20.0 to avoid duplication? The point of including “before nationalisation” was to avoid a confusing duplicate name for the equivalent after nationalisation – e.g. having two albums called “Bath”. Having said that, at the moment I’m using menus that are automatically generated from the album names and parent/child structure. If it’s the menu entries that are a concern, rather than the actual album names, , I should be able to do this manually when I’ve got all the photos loaded.
  • Any other comments from Committee members

Other sections of old website yet to be tackled:

  • Contacts page – just need to decide what we put on this page
  • Archives – needs updating – existing content was previous “cabinet listing” carried over from old website – have asked PGL and JG whether they could do this
  • There’s also another Archives page of Articles and Speakers in Study Corner – document just needs updating
  • Generating Stations – five pages or so – could just copy the content over
  • Films – only 3 videos copied over so far,  need to upload in a similar way to photos – or should I create pages with links? Note that there is a “Videos” post type – is there a “Videos” page type?
  • Films – manual text in Description field – would this be better for search?
  • Histelec News – last few very early issues to be uploaded when scanned
  • Web links – a simple page of links – need to check that they’re all still active
  • Days Out – probably needs a major rewrite. Low priority.
  • Museum – link needed for Curator – ties up with Contacts page.
  • Tramways – this section is very different. Need to find where the documents are stored and reformat them. Includes miniature and cliff railways.
  • Artefacts – needs a descriptive page like the old website, i.e. instructions on how to use the search and view facilities.
  • Photos – need a similar descriptive page of instructions. Maybe Films also?

Detailed Artefacts and Photos issues:

  • Many near-duplicate pictures when one per artefact would usually suffice – will ask DC to review and select

Additional future content

  • While those who have worked/are working the electricity industry and specifically SWEB will be aware of its operational structure and how it has changed over a number of years, this may not be so for others. Would be worthwhile including a a short glossary covering pre nationalisation, nationalisation and privatisation structures with associated dates and possibly a map/s. Perhaps a “family tree” also? It could link to Histelec News & Articles items for greater detail where these aspects have been covered. HAve asked PGL and JG whether they could do this

Issues updated up to 31/10/2016:

  • Investigate producing all the Archive Photographic Register Table CSVs and combining them. Then this could be run against each batch of photos uploaded to an Album. Not necessary 28/10/2016
  • Actually, it may not be necessary to combine the files. Maybe the Import will handle multiple CSV files? Need to test out with 2 or 3. Yes it does, proved 21/09/2016
  • The photo search facility is only searching the test “Photos” album, not the others. Need to find out how to amend this. Sorted by copying relevant code into each photo’s Description field 21/09/2016
  • Not sure where the Home Page slideshow is getting its photos from – this may need changing
    It’s a WordPress gallery, not WPPA functionality – Code is on Welcome page, just uses nominated picture numbers. Found 21/09/2016
  • There are 2 more Registers to convert to CSV – Registers 10 and 11 did not bring through proper photo filenames
    Turns out that they are duplicates, both deleted.
  • DC sent me SWEHS000392.jpg which is one of the Tinsley units – but there are already 000392a, b and c, the meter with the ball-bearings. Should the Tinsley unit be a different filename? Also 000392 is labelled as the Tinsley oscillator, which is 000538. 000392 is the Tinsley power supply unit. I will be able to straighten the Tinsley photos out by swapping the filenames and uploading them again with the new batch of Artefacts photos Tinsley entries edited 31/10/2016