Minor data issues dealt with, but Registers 5 to 9 now converted to CSV and uploaded. Registers 10 and 11 did not bring through proper photo filenames so left for now.

Remaining “South West before nationalisation” Albums loaded complete with data. So we’re up to 1949 now.

CEGB and CEB folders all added.

Around 4000 photos in the system (as at 31/10/2016), of which 1133 are the artefacts.

Data issues

Discovered that some lines, even in Registers already converted, have multiple filenames. Lines split into individual filenames.

Converted Registers 5 to 9 to CSV.

Registers 10 and 11 deleted – they were duplicates with proper photo filenames.

Noticed that some filenames in Registers 3, 8 and 9 have blanks before the “.jpg” – checked one batch, and they really have! Leaving this issue for now, but need to bear in mind as a possible cause if photos are not matched with data during upload.

Uploading new data Tables

Uploaded Tables 1 to 9 CSVs to Depot using Filezilla.

Set default album to BCED in Import Photos
Went to Import Photos

Response: 9 CSVs imported, 162 photos processed. 7597 photos skipped.
Are these 162 photos that had no data?

Went to Album Admin, BCED, Edit
Couldn’t see any without data but didn’t look right through

Noticed an error in SWEHS 3.5.384.jpg “Stuff Mills” instead of “Snuff Mills”
Amended in Table 1.csv
Copied Table 1 again to Depot (using Filezilla) as a test of updating
Ran Import
Response: 9 CSVs imported, 460 photos processed. 2850 photos skipped.

Went to Album – checked, and it had updated to “Snuff Mills”. Success! This means that data amendments can be done by re-uploading and importing the CSV files, without having to reload the photos temselves.

More photo uploads

Previously – albums set up and photos successfully uploaded for BCED, Bristol Tramways and Carriage, CEB and CEGB Oakfield Road Bristol, Bath, Cornwall, Cornwall EWA Edmonds Collection.

Set up remaining “South West before nationalisation” Albums:
SWEHS 13.0 North Somerset Electricity Supply Co
SWEHS 16.0 Bridport Bridgwater Lyme Regis Minehead Wellington
SWEHS 17.0 Taunton
SWEHS 20.0 Weston Super Mare
SWEHS 9.0 Devon
SWEHS 11.0 Exeter
SWEHS 15.0 Plymouth
SWEHS 18.1 to 18.3 Torquay Borough Electricity Department

Used Filezilla to upload each set of photos in turn. Set each Default Album as appropriate, Import.

In Album Admin, Edit, set each Description as follows (that’s the tedious bit, needed for searchable indexing)



Noted that Weston before nationalisation contains some SWEB photos e.g. construction of Locking Road building.

That completes uploading the “Before nationalisation” photos – 3234 photos in the system, of which 1133 are artefacts.