Created new Album “South West Before Nationalisation”
Set Bath, BCED, Bristol Tramway, and both Cornwall albums to see this as their parent.

This Album has no other content – it does not have photos of its own (although it could have other content, if desired for any reason)

Option 1
Created new page “South West Before Nationalisation” to display this Album
Put it on the menu under Photos page.

This option displays the Album contents within the SW Before Nationalisation page.

Option 2

If preferred for a more compact display, I can just use HTML to display Album names and links with a thumbnail. Tried a rough version of this on a new page “South West Before Nationalisation version 2” (again, on the menu under Photos page)

This second version sends you to a page created for each album – playing with displays on the Bath page, but the different codes don’t seem to make any real difference.


Either option appears to be a good way for users to explore the various photo Albums by browsing through a heirarchy, as an alternative to a search.

Need to be clear what the effect is of allocating a parent Album – this powers the automatic display of Option 1, but doesn’t make any difference to the manual display of Option 2.